MSI AfterBurner 1.6.0 Beta5

The guys over at MSI made the responsible for all the over-voltage overclocking that was done by Guru3D, and also Kombustor got updated to 1.07.

Notes on AfterBurner 1.6.0 Beta5:

  • Over-voltage support for GTX470 & GTX480 cards.
  • Adjustment range on the GTX470: 0.825~1.087V
  • Adjustment range on the GTX480: 0.825~1.138V
  • Clock adjustment upperlimit extended to 150% on GTX470 & GTX480.

Notes on Kombustor 1.07:

  • Change: updated to win32 installer to overwrite existing files.
  • Bugfix: When renamed in etqw.exe (for multi-GPU purposes), Kombustor crashed due to some OpenGL instructions that worked differently with etqw profile in Catalyst drivers. The crash only occured when Post-FX was checked.

Download @ MSI


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