Nothern Islands GPUs to be built by GlobalFoundries?

While current rumors suggest that AMD is readying a facelift for the HD5000 Series dubbed the Southern Islands which will be possibly made at TSMC using their 40nm process… there was one fact announced yesterday by AMDs own Dirk Meyer: “The first intersection of our AMD GPUs and GlobalFoundries are on the 28nm. We haven’t been public with respect to any timing there.”

So AMD will use GlobalFoundries  28nm HKMG manufacturing process, and the 28nm-HP (High-Performance) variant of it. The later is targeted for high-performance general-purpose applications such as graphics, consoles, multimedia and networking. They are planing to crank up 28nm production for commercial product early 2011, so AMDs Nothern Islands generation could be made on 28nm @ GlobalFoundries.


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