ToMMTi-Systems SSAA-Tool v1.0

ToMMTi-Systems has released version 1.0 of their SSAA (SuperSampling Anti-Aliasing) tool. Great little tool to force SSAA on basically anygame, most image quality gains being on games running deferred rendering engines.

  • support for SSAA (defined by a user value from 0.0 to 999999.99999) (dx10-dx11)
  • force tripple buffered rendering (dx8-dx11)
  • force vsync rendering (dx8-dx11)
  • simple SLI/CF FPS Limiter to reduce Microstuttering – the FPS can be defined by a user value (dx8-dx11)
  • experimental option for rendering a game (dx8-dx11) via the reference rasterizer or for dx10 only, rendering via the WARP renderer

Please read the ReadMe.txt / LiesMich.txt to understand how to configure the Tool properly!

If it does not work, please disable the Steam Overlay, Fraps, XFire and all other Gaming Overlay Applications!

Download @ ToMMTi-Systems


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