Gainward GTS450 GOOD / Palit GTS450 Low-Profile disected.

The chaps over at BrainBox got a Gainward GTS450 GOOD / Palits GTS450 Low-Profile in their hands and took it apart for us so we could have look at the insides… and it’s a neat little package one must say by the look of it. The card sports a 4-phase VRM with an On-Semi controller, and the MOSFETs have their own heatsink. The GF106 GPU is kept cool by an aluminum heatsink with dense fins and the airflow is provided by a blower style fan. The card has reference specs and clocks so it works at 783/1566/3608MHz (GPU/Shader/Memory) and 1GB of GDDR5 memonry on a 128bit interface so it still needs the external 6-pin PCIe power connector to operate.

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Images courtesy of BrainBox.


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