nVIDIA CUDA GPU roadmap – nextgen called Kepler comes in 2011

nVIDIA is aiming to release the Fermi architectures replacement called Kepler in 2011. The presentation slide at the GTC event also revealed that they are aiming to improve DP-FP GFLOPS per watt dramatically with each new architecture. Fermi is around 1.3 DP GFLOPS per Watt, they want Kepler (28nm) to be around 4-6 DP GFLOPS per Watt and the Maxwell (22nm) architecture coming in 2013 might end up around 14-16GFLOPS per Watt. Hard to accomplish ambitions, but if they succeed Maxwell could provide 12-16x times the double precision floating-point performance of the current Fermi architecture per Watt.

CUDA GPU roadmapImage courtesy of The Tech Report.


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