Mysterious Galaxy GeForce GTX460 pops up.

Expreview has posted some interesting pictures of a non-reference GTX460 PCB design done by Galaxy. The PCB is the same length as a GTX480, and features 8 – GDDR5 memory chips totaling 2GB of VRAM, or so they claim. The card sports a 4-phase GPU and a 2-phase memory power design, and it being powered with one 8-pin and one 6-pin power connector. Also there is that mysterious connector near the PCIe connector at the bottom of the PCB… and its function is sadly unkown at this point. Maybe it’ll nest a second MXM based GPU for PhysX purposes perhaps a GF108 (GT400M)? Or we see one half of a dual-PCB GTX460 X2 design? Who knows, but we’ll keep you updated if anything new comes by.

Mysterious GTX460 Mysterious GTX460


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