Slide shows HD6700 specifications

A presentation slide popped up showing the full specs of the HD6700 series and as it looks the HD6770 might end up between the HD5850 and the HD5870 performance wise. Looks like Barts will utilize 4D SIMD units a instead 5D SIMDs and lower number of texture units compared to Cypress, so it should be a smaller die meaning power consumption should be somewhat lower and it’ll be also cheaper to manufacture. Rumors say that the HD6700 series is targeted directly against nVIDIA’s GTX460 cards meaning prices shouldn’t be much higher, HD5870 performance around 200 bucks? Sounds good to me.

Update: With the full slide we’ve got some power consumption figures, the HD6700 Series consumes about 40W less then the HD5800 series under load, the TDP of the HD6770 is 146W while the HD6750s is a very modest 114W just a few above the HD5770s 108W.

HD6700 Specs table

Updated with full image from Chiphell.


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