OC friendly Zotac GeForce GTX460 pops up

Yet another Zotac designed GTX460 showed up on the radar, this time at Expreview. The card has very impressive VRM design with 8+2+2 power phase, which are kept under control by 4 UPi manufactured uP6218 chips allowing voltage adjustments by I2C. The PCB isn’t the traditional rectangle form, it was expanded vertically since the don’t wanted to make the card longer. The video memory and the power circuitry has it separate heatsink in one piece of aluminum, while the GPU is kept cool by an enormous heatpipe cooler which has the dimensions of 185×131x63mm, the heat dissipating area of 3200cm2 in form of 54 fins, and weighs a healthy 465 grams. The airflow is ensured by a 12cm PWM controlled fan ranging from 1200 to 1600 rpm, doing it’s duty quietly or so does Expreview say. Nice little package they’ve put together, OC experts get your LN2.

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