GigaByte intros GeForce GTS 450 WindForce Extreme OverClock

GigaByte is releasing a suped-up version of their already high clockspeed WindForce edition GeForce GTS 450, that runs at the respectable clocks of 830MHz for the GPU, 1660MHz for CUDA cores and 3608MHz for memory, so generally a nice boost over the reference clocks of 783/1566/3608MHz (GPU/CUDA Cores/Memory). However GigaByte decided to crank it up a notch and the Extreme OverClock edition comes with clocks set to 930MHz for GPU, 1860MHz for CUDA cores, and 4000MHz for memory. The cards uses GigaByte’s own “Ultra Durable VGA” PCB design  and is a tad longer compared to the reference, and it’s cooled by their WindForce dual-fan heatsink, hence the naming. The price is set to 149.99USD and  it’s available now.

GigaByte GeForce GTS 450 WindForce Extreme OverClock


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