nVIDIA set to release GT 430

After the card showed up at OEMs and early in retail, nVIDIA is getting ready to officially release the GeForce GT 430. The lowest-end Fermi derivative is set to replace the GT 220 in the fight against AMD’s Radeon HD 5550. The reference design is low-profile and based around the GF106 chip with clocks set at 700MHz for the GPU and 1400MHz for the 96 CUDA cores, also the card sports 1GB of GDDR3 on a 128-bit memory interface working at 1800MHz, while TDP is aroun 49W. There might be a GDDR5 vesion in the works with higher clocks going up against the HD 5670, though that could end up being called the GT 440.

nVIDIA GeForce GT 430

Source: EXPreview


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