Yeston designs custom HD 5770 X2

Yes they actually did it and designed an X2 card with two Juniper chips onboard. Both GPUs are at reference specs, meaning 800SPs and clock set to 850/4800MHz (GPU/Memory).  The card has  4+1 phase VRM design that is located on top of the PCB, just above the two GPUs that are linked together on the back of the card possibly by the same PLX bridge chip that is used on the HD 5970 . There are a total of sixteen 1Gbit GDDR5 memory chips on the card; 8 on the front, 8 on the back. The card is kept cool by a fairly large heatsink, and two 90mm fans provide the necessary airflow. As far as connectivity goes, it has two DVIs, one HDMI and one DisplayPort.  Yeston being mainly a supplier of the Asian region, it’s very unlikely that this card will see market in US or in Europe for that matter.

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Source: TechPowerUp!


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