New HD 6000 Series slides leaked.

A couple of new HD 6000 Series presentation slides got out with information regarding Barts and Cayman based SKUs. Barts will launch on mid(ish) October, Cayman will arrive in second half of November, while Antilles (2x Cayman) will be launching in December. New lower-end parts won’t come till early next year, and fending of nVIDIA’s GTS450 will be still the job of Juniper (HD5770). Barts and Cypress (HD 5800 Series) chips are pin compatible so in theory channel partners could use their existing Cypress boards, but Barts is about 32% smaller at ~230mm2 and draws about 45W less under load compared to Cypress (337mm2), most of the partners will go (at least I think so) with one of AMD’s reference designs, probably with the 6 layer (cheaper) one with the axial cooling solution and a few will take the 8 layer (premium) design with the blower style cooling. Bigger partners might offer Barts Pro with their own PCB designs on launch. Barts XT needs two 6-pin power connectors to operate, while Barts Pro can work with only one. Cayman XT will use a 10 layer PCB and need 8+6pin power and it’s TDP is under 300W, while Cayman Pro will be probably marketed with an 8 layer PCB using 6+6pin configuration it’s TDP being under 225W.

Wonder if nVIDIA will release cards with the full capabilities of it’s GF106 (192CC – 192bit) & GF108  (384CC – 256bit) chips as a response… interesting few months ahead I think.

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Source: Chiphell


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