AMD HD 6800 Series presentation slides

New presentation slides got out after the AMD TFE event in Taipei, Taiwan. Slides promise us enhanced tessellation performance up to 2 times, improved filtering methods both AF and AA, and last but not least improved performance per mm2 figures. Better performance from a 25% smaller die are compared to the HD 5850 at the same wattage, not bad one must admit.

But lets talk about the new AA method that AMD implemented. It’s called MLAA (Morphological Anti-Aliasing) which is a form of Shader Based Anti-Aliasing working as post-process and was around for quite a while now, but used mainly on consoles. What AMD did is that they implemented their own algorithm in CCC, powered trough DirectCompute. It has basically all the merits of Super-Sampling AA, meaning it can filter the full scene and it’s not limited to poly-edges and alpha surfaces like fences, foliage, etc; but it wont slow your gaming to a crawl and AMD says performance is comparable to its Edge-Detect CFAA method. Probably the best aspect of AMD’s MLAA is that is compatible and you can force it trough Catalyst Control Center on basically any DX9/10/11 title, assuming you’re on Vista SP2 or Win7 since you’ll  need DirectCompute to do so.

AMD is bringing back the HD 6800 Series to it’s sweet spot strategy, placing the cards between the 150 and 250USD margin on launch. The HD 6870 comes with 32ROPs, 1120SPs, 256bit – 1GB of GDDR5 memory and will be clocked at 900/4200MHz (GPU/Memory), while it’s little brother the HD 6850 will feature 32ROPs, 960SPs, 256bit – 1GB of GDDR5 memory and clocks set to 775/4000MHz. Launch prices should be around 249USD and 179USD respectably, the HD 6800 seem to offer great bang for the buck value.

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Source: Chiphell


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