GeForce GT 530 & GTS 550 landing in 2011/Q1?

nVIDIA seems to be preparing a refresh for their mainstream line-up early next year, with cards that utilize fully enabled chips or so do the guys at Fudzilla and Expreview. The GT 530 will come with somewhat raised clocks and GDDR5 memory to avoid the the bandwidth limitations of the GDDR3  used on the GT430. The GTS 550 will probably come with bit higher clocks and all 5 shader modules enabled totaling 240 Cuda cores and with two extra memory controllers in addition to enable a 192-bit memory interface. It’s all speculation so take it with a grain of salt, but here are my bets:

GTS 550:
16ROPs/40TMUs/240CCs @ ~830MHz
192bit- 1.5GB GDDR5 @ ~3800MHz

GT 530:
8ROPs/16TMUs/96CCs @ ~780MHz
128bit – 1GB GDDR5 @ ~3400MHz


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