nVIDIA intros GT 500M Series and GTX 485M for notebooks

nVIDIA launched a bunch of new graphics solutions for notebooks, replacing the GT 400M Series. The GT 520M is based on the GF119 GPU, GT 525M, GT 540M, GT 550M are using the GF108, while the GT 555M has the GF106 under the hood. So the new cards from GT 525M to GT 550M only differ in clocks.
There is also a new GTX 400M part, namely the GTX 485M which is based on the GF104 and basically is a clocked down desktop GTX460 with all the shader modules enabled if you wish.

GTX 485M GT 555M GT 550M GT 540M GT 525M GT 520M
GPU GF104 GF106 GF108 GF108 GF108 GF119
CUDA Cores 384 144 96 96 96 48
Graphics Clock 575MHz 590MHz 740MHz 672MHz 600MHz 740MHz
Processor Clock 1150MHz 1180MHz 1480MHz 1344MHz 1200MHz 1480MHz
Memory Clock 750MHz 900MHz 900MHz 900MHz 900MHz 800MHz
Bus Width 256-bit 192-bit 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit 64-bit
Bandwidth 76.8GB/s 43.2GB/s 28.8GB/s 28.8GB/s 28.8GB/s 12.8GB/s
SLI Ready Yes No No No No No

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