ASUS intros DirectCU II cards

DirectCU at ASUS means that the copperheatpipes are in direct contact with the GPU, and now they’re introducing DirectCU II mainly for and on high-end graphics cards. The new cooling solution makes use of five 8mm thick heatpipes that transfer the heat to a large aluminum heatsink, while the silent airflow is provided by two 100x20mm fans. That being said it design flow… it big and when I say it’s big I mean huge, humongous even. Cards that have this beast onboard take up three expansion slots, so two card whit equipped with these might give you troubles assembling a CrossFire or SLi configuration.

ASUS offers DirectCU II editions of it’s HD 6970 and GTX 580, both come with custom PCBs and have a localized 8+1 phase power circuitry meaning that the cards only draw power trough the two 8-pin PCIe power connectors. ASUS also uses high-grade components on the power front such as super ferrite chokes, NEC proadlizers. On the connectivity front, the HD 6970 DirectCU II gives you two DVI and four DiplayPorts, while the GTX 580 DirectCU offers two DVIs, one HDMI and one DisplayPort. Clocks sadly weren’t disclosed as of yet.

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Images courtesy of techPowerUp! & NordicHardware


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