TechPowerUp Radeon BIOS Editor 1.27 released

The new version TPUs popular BIOS editing tool for Radeon cards comes with support for voltage controllers used on reference HD 6800 and HD 6900 Series cards, added DeviceIDs  for HD 6950 and HD 6970 cards, tweaks to the HEX Editor UI and couple of fixes regarding changing Device and VendorIDs.

  • Added volt modding capability for CHL8214 voltage controller (reference design 6870 and 6850 cards).
  • Added volt modding capability for VT1556M voltage controller (reference design 6970 and 6950 cards).
  • Changing DeviceID now changes both locations properly (hopefully) all the time.
  • Changing VendorID should work in more cases now.
  • Added some new DeviceIDs (6950/6970).
  • Updated WinFlash link.
  • Updated RBE’s internal BIOS extraction method to account for “ATI” labelled “AMD” now.
  • Improved Hex editor interface a little.
  • Fixed method 1 overdrive hacking signature extraction for 6xx0 cards. Only superficially tested due to no available non-reference signatures yet.

Download @ TechPowerUp!


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