GigaByte announces overclocked GTX 570 WindForce3X

Not to be out done on the front of graphics cards with epic proportions GigaByte introduces an overclocked WindForce3X version of their GTX 570. The new OC model features GigaBytes own UltraDurable PCB design and its own cooling solution with 4 heatpipes transferring the heat to aluminum fins, and the airflow is provided by three 80mm fans, hence the name WindForce3X. The card boasts 480 CUDA cores and 1280MB GDDR5 memory on 320-bit interface, but similarities with the reference specs end there as this is an OC edition and comes factory overclocked to 780/1560/3800MHz  (GPU/Shader/Memory), quite a nice bump in speed over the reference clocks of 732/1464/3800MHz.

GigaByte GeForce GTX 570 WindForce 3X


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