New HD 6800, HD 6900 models and price cuts in February

AMD is introducing new cards and price cuts in February to steal the thunder from nVIDIA’s GTX 560 launch, which scheduled for next week on the 25th of January, if rumors are true. There will be 1GB models available of the HD 6950 and HD 6970, the former will be around the 229USD mark while the later will set you back 279USD. Performance wise they should deliver roughly the same experience, but as the resolution and AA levels increase they will fall behind their 2GB siblings. AMD partners are also readying “Extreme Edition” HD 6870 models with GPU clocks between 940 an 975MHz and memory clocks between 4400 and 4600MHz. These new HD 6870 “EE” cards might also push the normal HD 6870 prices below the magical 200USD mark.


Source: X-bit Labs.


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