AMD’s HD 6990 poses for the camera posted up a few pictures of AMD’s new dual-GPU card aimed for the enthusiast market. The card will pack two Cayman GPUs with, 32ROPs, 96TMUs, 1536SPs each and 4GB (2GB per GPU) of GDDR5 memory. The card draws power from one 8-pin and one 6-pin connector, so the final GPU clocks will probably be somewhat lower around 775MHz to fit the card in the 300W PCI-SIG power limit.

The cooling system incorporates similar principles to the one found on nVIDIA’s 2nd iteration of the GTX 295, meaning that a blower-style fan sits in the middle of the board providing both GPUs their fair share of airflow… only hick up with this arrangement is of course that half of heat produced get dumped back in your case. Also this card has only one dual-link DVI and four version 1.2 mini-DisplayPorts instead of the “traditional” two DVI, one HDMI, one DisplayPort setup on the back.

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