nVIDIA working on SRAA

Not to be out done by its rival company, nVIDIA has a new anti-aliasing method in the works aimed towards games with engines that use deferred shading where MSAA won’t work properly. Super-Sampling gives a great solution, sadly the performance penalty is too tall even on todays hardware. So this is where MLAA and nVIDIA’s Subpixel Reconstruction Anti-Aliasing (SRAA) come in the picture, as they do away with jaggies but won’t halt your gaming to a crawl. nVIDIA claims SRAA is better then MLAA in terms of geometry boundaries and has a fixed runtime regardless how complex the scene or the final image is. Mind you processing time still depends on the resolution though.

More will be revealed at the i3D conference held from February the 18th trough the 20th.


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