nVIDIA quietly launches the GT 440, again.

nVIDIA has launched the GT 440. Wait what? You though it was already released last October? Well yeah kinda, but only for the OEM market and that card is based on crippled GF106 cores. However this time around they are releasing it for the desktop market and this version uses the same GF108 GPU that can be found on the GT 430. The card comes with the same amount of 96 CUDA Cores, but it runs at higher clocks. 810/1620MHz (GPU/CUDA Cores) vs. 700/1400MHz on the GT 430, doesn’t seem much of a boost until you stumble on the fact that the GT 440 comes in GDDR5 flavor also with memory clocked at 3200MHz giving it twice the bandwidth compared to the GT 430. That extra bandwidth can make a world of difference for the budget gamer and AMD’s HD 5570 & 5670 might get their DX11 equivalent from nVIDIA. So far looks like the trusty (and a bit rusty) GT 240 can step down as its worthy successor has arrived.

PS.: It is worth mentioning that the GT 440 will have variants with GDDR3 memory, just like the GT 240 does and I would like to advise the money conscious gamers to steer clear away of those as the lack of bandwidth will bottleneck the card, just as it does on the GT 430.

GeForce GT 440:
810/1620MHz (GPU/CUDA Cores)
512MB or 1GB of GDDR3 or GDDR5 memory.
GDDR3 memory @ 1800MHz
GDDR5 memory @ 3200MHz
TDP – 65W


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