Sapphire releases XtendTV graphics card

As AMD’s last All-in-Wonder card was based on the HD 3650, Sapphire decided to fill the empty void of AIW cards with a new card of their own. The HD 5570 XtendTV apart from being a proper graphics card, has a TV-tuner onboard that can deal with both analog and digital TV and radio stations alike. Since it’s based on the HD 5570 it has 400 Stream Processors, and 1GB of GDDR5 (128bit) memory running at reference clocks of 650/4000MHz (GPU/Memory). Of course you get a remote controller bundled, plus a neat little streaming software dubbed FlexiStream that lets you stream TV over your home network or the internet so you can tune in on your favorite channel with the client software where ever you are.

Sapphire HD 5570 XtendTV


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