Catalyst 11.2 WHQL available

AMD made a couple of changes to the texture filtering optimizations in Catalyst AI to reduce texture shimmering in Performance and Quality (Q) settings. Now the High-Quality and Quality modes are almost the same, but the Quality mode has a new optimization that only uses trilinear filtering on mipmap level transitions while using bilinear filtering everywhere else. AMD claims this doesn’t effect the final image quality much, but offers higher performance in return.

Another new feature is the addition of Tessellation Controls for HD 5000 and HD 6000 Series cards. Tessellation Control comes with three different setting, User Setting, Application Controlled and AMD Optimized which is the default. The first obviously lets you manually control the tessellation factor used in games, the second lets the application set it. The last is what its name says, that setting will use predetermined tessellation factors per application to get the most performance without visual degradation in tessellated geometry. There were no applications profiled as of yet, so the AMD Optimized setting has no effect now.

Lastly the HD 5000 Series cards got performance improvements in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Batman Arkham Asylum and Morphological Anti-Aliasing.

AMD’s driver team also ironed out some minor quirks in HAWX, Medal of Honor, Civilization V, Dawn of War 2: Warhammer and Unigine Heaven.

Release Notes
DownloadWinXP 32bit | WinXP 64bit | Vista/Win7 32bit | Vista/Win7 64bit | CAP (Win All)


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