nVIDIA Inspector 1.95.2

5 day ago Orbmu2k released version 1.95 adding Monitoring graphs (logging and saving them), Updating or Removing your startup shortcuts and a very handy feature called Multi-Display Power Saving to his great little tool for nVIDIA cards. The later should be quite useful for those with multiple displays and graphics cards with GDDR5 memory onboard, since it provides an easy workaround by manipulating power levels to avoid flickering on secondary screens.

Ironing out some minor quirks, today he released 1.95.2:

  • fixed: closing mainform did not handle closing logic (settings, log) of monitoring form
  • fixed: temp folder detection fails on systems with empty temp paths
  • fixed: out of range error if nvapi reports incorrect usage
  • possible fix: csc.exe crashes on windows shutdown and prevents from storing MDPS settings
  • added: mdps now supports cards with p0 and p8 only
  • added: monitoring colors customizeable via config file
  • small fixes and improvements



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