nVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti is out and about

nVIDIA’s new mainstream card is now available at e-tailers and retailers. Sadly this card is a hit & miss from nVIDIA. Why? Well… lets start with the good news. Good news is that nVIDIA finally put card out there that can compete with AMD’s HD 5770, bad news is that at stock speeds they run basically neck and neck while at its 149USD MSRP the GTX 550 Ti is 36-50% more expensive compared to AMD’s offering that can be had for as littles as 99-109USD after rebate over at Newegg. I know that this card should be the replacement for the GTX 460 768MB, but its performance simply doesn’t justify the price. If nVIDIA would drop this card to 129-139USD it would make a great alternative. Enough of my rambling, here are the specs and a list of reviews.

GTX 550 Ti:
900/1800/4100MHz (GPU/CUDA Cores/Memory)
192bit – 1GB GDDR5
TDP – 116W



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